Social Science Class-X Geography: Resources and Development MCQ Part – 8

106. Which of the following regions in India possesses rich reserves of minerals and fossil fuels?

(a) Plains
(b) Mountains
(c) Plateaus
(d) Deserts

107. Laterite has been derived from the Greek word Later which means-

(a) Brick
(b) Rock
(c) Stone
(d) Mountain

108. In which of the following states is overgrazing responsible for land degradation?

(a) Jharkhand and Odisha
(b) Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
(c) Punjab and Haryana
(d) Kerala and Tamil Nadu

109. The mountain share in the total land area is _________.

(a) 30%
(b) 27%
(c) 43%
(d) 40%

110. What is the percentage share of plains in the total land area?

(a) 43%
(b) 23%
(c) 33%
(d) 27%

111. When the top soil is washed away it is called as-

(a) sheet erosion
(b) later erosion
(c) soil erosion
(d) land erosion

112. What is strip cropping?

(a) Planting lines of trees
(b) Planting between water beds
(c) Cultivating making steps
(d) Strips of grass are left to grow between the crops

113. What are shelterbelts?

(a) Cultivating making steps
(b) Planting lines of trees to create shelter
(c) Planting huge bush plants in desert
(d) Planting near water beds

114. What is the contribution of shelter belts?

(a) To conserve water
(b) To conserve soil
(c) To stabilize sand dunes
(d) To maintain forests

115. What type of resources are rocks?

(a) Abiotic
(b) Renewable
(c) Potential
(d) Biotic

116. Water in the dams, forests, etc. is a _________ resource, which can be used in the future.

(a) potential
(b) reserve
(c) renewable
(d) national

117. What is the main reason behind global ecological crisis such as global warming and
environmental pollution?

(a) Depletion of resources
(b) Accumulation of resources in a few hands
(c) Indiscriminate exploitation of resources
(d) Use of resources

118. From which five-year plan has India made concerted efforts for achieving the goals of resource planning?

(a) First five-year plan
(b) Fifth five-year plan
(c) Annual plans
(d) Tenth five-year plan

119. On the basis of ownership, plantation can be considered as which of the following types of resources?

(a) Individual resource
(b) Community owned resource
(c) National resource
(d) International resource

120. What is necessary for sustained quality of life and global peace?

(a) Stopping use of resources
(b) Saving resources for future
(c) Exploitation of resources
(d) Equitable distribution of resources



106. (c)
107. (a)
108. (b)
109. (a)
110. (a)
111. (c)
112. (d)
113. (b)
114. (c)
115. (a)
116. (b)
117. (c)
118. (a)
119. (a)
120. (d)


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