Social Science Class-10 Economics: Development Question Bank Part – 2

16. What is considered to be one of the most important attributes when we compare countries at the level of development?

(a) Industrial development
(b) Resources of the country
(c) Income
(d) Import-export

17. More income means ___________.

(a) average out of needs of people.
(b) more of all things that human beings need.
(c) no effect on the common man.
(d) more business.

18. ___________ is the total income of the country divided by its total population.

(a) Per capita income
(b) Gross income
(c) Net income
(d) Total income

19. In World Development Reports, brought out by the World Bank, which criterion is used in classifying countries?

(a) Total income
(b) Gross income
(c) Per capita income
(d) Net income

20. Which of the following neighbouring countries has better performance in terms of human development than India?

(a) Bangladesh
(b) Sri Lanka
(c) Nepal
(d) Pakistan

21. Countries with per capita income of US$ __________ per annum and above in 2017, are called rich countries.

(a) 12,126
(b) 11,246
(c) 12,056
(d) 10,056

22. Countries with per capita income of US$ __________ or less are called low-income countries.

(a) 995
(b) 885
(c) 955
(d) 855

23. Which category does India come under?

(a) High-income countries
(b) Low middle-income countries
(c) Low-income countries
(d) High middle-income countries

24. What was India’s per capita income in 2017?

(a) US$ 1950 per annum
(b) US$ 1880 per annum
(c) US$ 1930 per annum
(d) US$ 1820 per annum

25. What can money not buy you?

(a) Unadulterated medicines
(b) Water
(c) Pollution-free environment
(d) Organic food

26. Why does Kerala have a low infant mortality rate?

(a) Adequate provision of basic health and educational facilities
(b) Suitable climate
(c) Pollution Free environment
(d) Good water

27. Over the past decade or so, __________ indicators have come to be widely used along with income as a measure of development.

(a) health and nutrition
(b) health and education
(c) child development
(d) human development

28. According to the Human Development Report, 2018, United Nations Development Programme, which two countries have a higher Life expectancy at Birth rate than India?

(a) Sri Lanka and Myanmar
(b) Pakistan and Nepal
(c) Pakistan and Bangladesh
(d) Nepal and Bangladesh

29. Per Capita Income is calculated in __________ for all countries.

(a) pounds
(b) euros
(c) dollars
(d) rupees

30. Since the second half of the twentieth century, a number of scientists have been warning that__________.

(a) health and nutrition is declining
(b) per capita income is unstable
(c) levels of resources are not sustainable
(d) levels of development are not sustainable



16. (c)

17. (b)

18. (a)

19. (c)

20. (b)

21. (c)

22. (a)

23. (b)

24. (d)

25. (c)

26. (a)

27. (a)

28. (d)

29. (c)

30. (d)

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