General Knowledge – Section 1- History of India | Ancient History – Buddhism | Part 6

76. The largest and the most evolved rock-cut Chaitya hall of the Hinayana phase is situated at [UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2014]

(A) Pitalkhora
(B) Junnar
(C) Karle
(D) Bedsa

77. Which Indian Buddhist monk had been sent to China in the first century A.D.? [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2005]

(A) Tsang
(B) Ashvaghosha
(C) Vasumitra
(D) Nagarjuna

78. The Doctrine of void (Shunyata) was propounded by the Buddhist philosopher [UPPCS (Pre) 1998]

(A) Nagarjuna
(B) Nagasena
(C) Ananda
(D) Ashvaghosha

79. To which Buddhist School did Nagarjuna belong? [Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Mains) 2007]

(A) Sautrantika
(B) Vaibhashika
(C) Madhyamika
(D) Yogachara

80. Buddhist centre of learning is [MPPCS (Pre) 2004]

(A) Vikramshila
(B) Varanasi
(C) Girnar
(D) Ujjain

81. Which among the following state ‘Odantipur’ Education Centre was situated? [60th to 62nd BPSC (Pre) 2016]

(A) Bengal
(B) Bihar
(C) Gujarat
(D) Tamil Nadu

82. Vallabhi University was situated in [UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2014]

(A) Bihar
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Bengal
(D) Gujarat

83. Nalanda University was founded during the dynasty of [43rd BPSC (Pre) 1999]

(A) Maurya
(B) Kushan
(C) Gupta
(D) Pala

84. Who was the founder of Nalanda University? [56th to 59th BPSC (Pre) 2015]

(A) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
(B) Kumargupta
(C) Dharmapal
(D) Pushyagupta

85. Why was Nalanda University famous in the world? [42nd BPSC (Pre) 1997]

(A) Medical Science
(B) Philosophy
(C) Buddhist Religious Philosophy
(D) Chemical Science

86. ‘Nav Nalanda Mahavihar’ is famous for [48th to 52nd BPSC (Pre) 2008]

(A) Hsuan-Tsang memorial
(B) Birthplace of Mahavir
(C) Pali Research Centre
(D) Museum

87. Which one of the following is not common between Buddhism and Jainism? [44th BPSC (Pre) 2000]

(A) Ahimsa
(B) Indifference to Vedas
(C) Self-mortification
(D) Rejection of Rituals

88. Both Jainism and Buddhism believe that [UPPCS (Pre) 1996]

(A) Philosophy of karma and trans-migration of soul was correct
(B) Salvation could be possible only after death
(C) Both men and women could attain salvation
(D) Middle course of life was the best one

89. Consider the following statements, what is the difference between chaityas and viharas? [UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2001]

(A) Viharas is a place of worship, while chaitya is the dwelling place of the Buddhist monks
(B) Chaitya is a place of worship, while Vihar is a dwelling place
(C) There is no particular difference between both of them
(D) Viharas and Chaityas both are used as a dwelling place

90. Some Buddhist rock-cut caves are called Chaityas, while the others are called Viharas. What is the difference between the two?[IAS (Pre) 2013]

(A) Vihara is a place of worship, while Chaitya is the dwelling place of the monks
(B) Chaitya is a place of worship, while Vihara is the dwelling place of the monks
(C) Chaitya is the stupa at the far end of the cave, while Vihara is the hall axial to it
(D) There is no material difference between the two


Answer Sheet;-

76. (C)
77. (D)
78. (A)
79. (C)
80. (A)
81. (B)
82. (D)
83. (C)
84. (B)
85. (C)
86. (C)
87. (C)
88. (A)
89. (B)
90. (B)


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