General Knowledge – Section 1- History of India | Ancient History – Buddhism | Part 4

46. Who among the following wanted to become the leader of the Sangha even during the lifetime of Buddha? [UPPCS (Pre) 1999]

(A) Devadatta
(B) Mahakassapa
(C) Upali
(D) Ananda

47. Whom of the following did Gautam Buddha nominate for the leadership of Buddhist Sangha after his death? [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2002]

(A) Ananda
(B) Mahakassapa
(C) Upali
(D) None of the above

48. The concept of Eightfold path forms the theme of [IAS (Pre) 1998]

(A) Dipavamsa
(B) Divyavadana
(C) Mahaparinibban
(D) Dharma Chakra Pravartana Sutra

49. The entry of women as a ‘Bhikshuni’into the Buddhist Sangha was allowed by Gautam Buddha at [UPPCS (Pre) 2010]

(A) Shravasti
(B) Vaishali
(C) Rajgriha
(D) Kushinagar

50. What is ‘Tripitaka’? [UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 03, 2004]

(A) Three monkeys of Gandhiji
(B) Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh
(C) Triratnas of Mahavira
(D) Collection of the preachings of Buddha

51. ‘Tripitaka’ texts are related to which religion? [RAS/RTS (Pre) 2012]

(A) Vedic religion
(B) Buddhism
(C) Jainism
(D) Shaivism

52. ‘Tripitaka’ is associated with which of the following? [MPPCS (Pre) 2012]

(A) Jains
(B) Buddhists
(C) Sikhs
(D) Hindus

53. Which of the following Buddhist texts contains the rules of Monastic life? [UPPCS (Pre) 1996]

(A) Digha-Nikaya
(B) Vinaya Pitaka
(C) Abhidhamma Pitaka
(D) Vibhasha Shastra

54. Which of the following Buddhist literature contains the Buddha’s sermons on matters of ethics anddoctrine? [MPPCS (Pre) 2014]

(A) Vinaya Pitaka
(B) Jataka Stories
(C) Abhidhamma Pitaka
(D) Sutta Pitaka

55. ‘Yamaka’ belongs to the Buddhist ‘Pitaka’. [Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2016]

(A) Sutta
(B) Vinaya
(C) Abhidhamma
(D) None of the above

56. In ancient Indian Buddhist monasteries, a ceremony called Pavarana used to be held. It was the [IAS (Pre) 2002]

(A) Occasion to elect the Sangh- parinayaka and two speakers one on Dhamma and the other on Vinaya
(B) Confession by monks of their offenses committed during their stay in the monasteries during the rainy season
(C) Ceremony of initiation of a new person into the Buddhist Sangha in which the head is
shaved and when yellow robes are offered
(D) Gathering of Buddhist monks on the next day to the full-moon day of Ashadha when they take up a fixed abode for the next four months of the rainy season

57. Ashokaram monastery was situated at [UPPCS (Mains) 2015]

(A) Vaishali
(B) Pataliputra
(C) Kaushambi
(D) Shravasti

58. Where is the highest in the world ‘Vishwa Shanti Stup’ located in Bihar? [48th to 52nd BPSC (Pre) 2008]

(A) Vaishali
(B) Nalanda
(C) Rajgir
(D) Patna

59. The Giant Buddha statue of 80 feet at Bodh Gaya was constructed by [RAS/RTS (Pre) 1993]

(A) Japanese
(B) People of Thailand (Thai)
(C) Srilankan
(D) Bhutanese

60. Where the word ‘Stupa’ has been used for the first time? [Telangana PSC (Pre) 2019 Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2015]

(A) Rigveda
(B) Jatak Katha
(C) Artha Shastra
(D) Astadhyayee


Answer Sheet:-

46. (A)
47. (D)
48. (D)
49. (B)
50. (D)
51. (B)
52. (B)
53. (B)
54. (D)
55. (C)
56. (B)
57. (B)
58. (C)
59. (A)
60. (A)


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