General Knowledge – Section 1- History of India | Ancient History – Buddhism | Part 2

16. Where did Buddha reside during the last rainy season of his life? [UPPCS (Mains) 2015]

(A) Shravasti
(B) Vaishali
(C) Kushinaga
(D) Sarnath

17. Which one of the following describes best the concept ofNirvana in Buddhism? [IAS (Pre) 2013]

(A) The extinction of the flame of desire
(B) The complete annihilation of self
(C) A state of bliss and rest
(D) A mental stage beyond all comprehension

18. Who was Alara Kalama?5 [UPPSC (GIC) 2010]

(A) A disciple of Buddha
(B) A distinguished Buddhist monk
(C) A king of Buddha’s time
(D) A teacher of Buddha

19. At which place did Mahatma Buddha give his first ‘Dhamma- chakkhapavathana’?[53rd to 55th BPSC (Pre) 2011 47th BPSC (Pre) 2005 UPPCS (Mains) 2004 MPPCS (Pre) 91, 1999]

(A) Lumbini
(B) Sarnath
(C) Pataliputra
(D) Vaishali

20. Where did Buddha preach his first sermon? [Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2013]

(A) Kashi
(B) Sarnath
(C) Kushinagar
(D) Bodh Gaya

21. Who gave his first sermon in Sarnath? [UPPCS (Pre) 1993]

(A) Mahavir
(B) Sankaracharya
(C) Mahatma Buddha
(D) Guru Nanak

22. Gautama Buddha gave his first sermon at [56th to 59th BPSC (Pre) 2015]

(A) Vaishali
(B) Kaushambi
(C) Sarnath
(D) Pawapuri

23. In Buddhist text ‘Dharmachakra Parvartana’ is known as[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2004]

(A) His (Buddha) sight
(B) First Sermon at Sarnath
(C) His religious norms
(D) Buddha rituals

24. ‘Dharmachakrapravartana’ wasperformed at[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2015]

(A) Sanchi
(B) Shravasti
(C) Sarnath
(D) Vaishali

25. Gautam Buddha gave the maximum sermons at which place?\ [UPPCS (Pre) 2011]

(A) Vaishali
(B) Shravasti
(C) Kaushambi
(D) Rajgriha

26. Buddha had visited Kaushambi during the reign of [UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2010]

(A) Satanika
(B) Udayana
(C) Bodhi
(D) Nicakshu

27. First Buddhist Conference after the death of Buddha was presided over by [UPPCS (Pre) 2000]

(A) Mahakashyapa
(B) Dharmasen
(C) Ajatashatru
(D) Nagasen

28. Who among the following conducted the first Buddhist Council? [UP UDA/LDA (Mains) 2010]

(A) Ananda
(B) Mahakassapa
(C) Moggaliputta Tissa
(D) Upali

29. ‘Saptaparni Cave’ is situated in [UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2014]

(A) Sanchi
(B) Nalanda
(C) Rajgriha
(D) Pawapuri

30. Who among the following presided over the Buddhist Council held during the reign of Kanishka at Kashmir? [IAS (Pre) 2001]

(A) Parsva
(B) Nagarjuna
(C) Sudraka
(D) Vasumitra


Answer Sheet:-

16. (B]
17. (A)
18. (D)
19. (B)
20. (B)
21. (C)
22. (C)
23. (B)
24. (C)
25. (B)
26. (B)
27. (A)
28. (B)
29. (C)
30. (D)


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