Social Science Class-X MCQ (2021-22) Part – 3

31. Elle, the measuring unit in Germany was used to measure:

(a) cloth
(b) thread
(c) land
(d) height

32. Zollevrein started in 1834 in Prussia refers to a:

(a) Trade Union
(b) Customs Union
(c) Labour Union
(d) Farmer’s Union

33. Romanticism refers to a:

(a) cultural movement
(b) religious movement
(c) political movement
(d) literary movement

34. Which one of the following types of government was functioning in France before the

revolution of 1789?

(a) Dictatorship
(b) Military
(c) Body of French Citizen
(d) Monarchy

35. Which of the following countries is considered as the ‘cradle of European civilization’?

(a) England
(b) France
(c) Greece
(d) Russia

36. The first great revolution which gave the clear idea of nationalism with its core words:

‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ was:

(a) The Russian Revolution
(b) The French Revolution
(c) The American Revolution
(d) India’s First War of Independence

37. ‘Crown of oak leaves’ symbolises?

(a) heroism
(b) Being freed
(c) willingness to make peace
(d) Beginning of a new era

38. What did the ‘German Sword’ stand for?

(a) Heroism
(b) Readiness to fight
(c) Beginning of a new era
(d) Symbol of German empire-strength

39. Which one of the following types of government was functioning before the revolution of 1789?

(a) Dictatorship
(b) Military
(c) Monarchy
(d) Council of French citizen

40. Which one of the following was not a part of the concept of nation-state?

(a) Clearly defined boundary
(b) National identity based on culture and history
(c) Sovereignty
(d) Freedom from monarchy

41. What is an “allegory’?

(a) Idealistic state
(b) Abstract idea
(c) Art form
(d) Song

42. What were the contributions of the Grimm Brothers in nation-building?

(a) Fairy tales
(b) Folk dances
(c) Operas
(d) Music

43. Women were admitted in the Frankfurt parliament convened in the Church of St Paul, but

only as:

(a) Opposition
(b) Waitresses
(c) Guards
(d) Observers

44. What did weavers in Silesia, in 1845, revolt against?

(a) Bad quality raw material
(b) Insufficient supply of raw material
(c) Contractors who didn’t pay them enough
(d) None of these

45. What was the result of Polish being used as the medium of instruction for preaching in all

Church gatherings, in late eighteenth century?

(a) Priests and bishops were jailed
(b) Followers were tortured
(c) Preachers were forced to preach in Russian
(d) Followers were sent to Siberia



31. (A)

32. (B)

33. (A)

34. (D)

35. (C)

36. (B)

37. (B)

38. (B)

39. (C)

40. (D)

41. (B)

42. (A)

43. (D)

44. (C)

45. (A)


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