Social Science Class-X Geography: Resources and Development MCQ Part – 2

16. In which of the following states is black soil found?

(a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Gujarat
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Jharkhand

17. What percentage of our land should be under forest cover according to the National Forest Policy?

(a) 33%
(b) 22.5%
(c) 31%
(d) 30%

18. Materials in the environment that have the potential to satisfy human needs but human beings do not have the appropriate technology to access them are called-

(a) Potential resource
(b) Stock
(c) Developed resource
(d) Reserves

19. India’s territorial water extends up to a distance of-

(a) 12km
(b) 12 nautical miles
(c) 19.2 miles
(d) 200 nautical miles

20. Resources that take a long geological time for their formation are called-

(a) Renewable resources
(b) Reserve
(c) Community resources
(d) Non-renewable resources

21. Area sown more than once in an agricultural year plus net sown area is known as-

(a) Net sown area
(b) Forest cover
(c) Waste land
(d) Gross cropped area

22. The total degraded land in our country is-

(a) 133 million hectares
(b) 130 million sq. km.
(c) 140 million hectares
(d) 130 million hectares

23. In which of the following states did mining gas cause severe land degradation?

(a) Gujarat
(b) Jharkhand
(c) Kerala
(d) Uttaranchal

24. The main cause of land degradation in Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh is______________.

(a) mining
(b) over-irrigation
(c) deforestation
(d) over grazing

25. Which is the most common soil of Northern India?

(a) Black soil
(b) Laterite soil
(c) Alluvial soil
(d) Red soil

26. Red soil is mostly found in-

(a) Parts of Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Upper Ganga Plains
(c) Eastern and Southern part of Deccan plateau
(d) None of the above

27. Red soil is reddish in color due to-

(a) high clay content
(b) presence of kankar nodules in the subsoil
(c) diffusion of iron in igneous and metamorphic rocks
(d) high moisture content

28. Which of the following is not important for soil formation?

(a) Relief
(b) Parent Rock
(c) Climate
(d) Duration of day

29. Black soil is also called-

(a) Bangar
(b) Khadar
(c) Regur
(d) Humus

30. Black soils are common in-

(a) Deccan Trap
(b) Kashmir Valley
(c) Ganga Valley
(d) Northern Plains



16. (b)
17. (a)
18. (b)
19. (b)
20. (d)
21. (a)
22. (d)
23. (b)
24. (b)
25. (c)
26. (c)
27. (c)
28. (d)
29. (c)
30. (a)


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