Social Science Class-10 Economics: Development Question Bank Part – 3

31. How can we find out if we are properly nourished?

(a) Through good weight and scale
(b) Body mass index
(c) Nutrient table
(d) Height and weight table

32. The literacy rate for the rural population of males in Uttar Pradesh is __________.

(a) 73%
(b) 70%
(c) 76%
(d) 78%

33. In the comparative data on Haryana, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh which state has the highest literacy rate?

(a) Haryana
(b) Kerala
(c) UP
(d) All are equal

34. In the data for the Per Capita Income of Haryana, Kerala, Bihar-which state has the lowest per capita income?

(a) Haryana
(b) Kerala
(c) Bihar
(d) All are equal

35. Development is sustained by the ____________.

(a) conservation of resources and the environment
(b) conservation of the factors of production
(c) continuous increase in per capita income
(d) all the above

36. Green GNP concept is related to ______________.

(a) economic development
(b) growth of a country
(c) green colour
(d) green revolution

37. The World Development Report is published by _____________.

(a) UNDP
(b) World Bank
(c) UNO

38. According to the 2004 survey, the literacy rate of the population for 15+ in India was__________.

(a) 41%
(b) 61%
(c) 91%
(d) 51%

39. What is a creative way of using resources?

(a) Export them
(b) Import them
(c) Use them to the maximum extent
(d) Preserve them as much as possible

40. _________ is a method to find out if adults are under-nourished.

(a) BMI
(b) SSI
(c) BSI
(d) SMI

41. Which among the following is considered as the most important attribute for calculating the development of a country?

(a) Per capita income of the people
(b) Availability of natural resources
(c) Population
(d) Existence of a democratic structure in a country

42. Which of the following countries rank above India in HDI?

(a) Pakistan
(b) Bangladesh
(c) Sri Lanka
(d) Nepal

43. What portion of India’s energy comes from the use of non-renewable sources at present?

(a) 87 percent
(b) 99 percent
(c) 67 percent
(d) 88 percent

44. Identify the criteria used by the World Bank to classify countries.

(a) Household income
(b) Individual income
(c) Average income
(d) Sectoral income

45. Which of these neighbouring countries occupies a better rank than India in every respect?

(a) Bangladesh
(b) Pakistan
(c) Sri Lanka
(d) Nepal


31. (b)

32. (c)

33. (b)

34. (c)

35. (d)

36. (a)

37. (b)

38. (b)

39. (d)

40. (a)

41. (a)

42. (c)

43. (a)

44. (c)

45. (c)

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