Social Science Class-10 Economics: Development Question Bank Part – 1

1. Meaning of development is different for

(a) different people
(b) alien people
(c) same people
(d) none of these

2. Classical view of economic development includes

(a) per capita income
(b) national income
(c) none of these
(d) both (a) and (b)

3. Human Development Report is published by

(a) UNDP
(b) World Bank
(c) IMF
(d) WHO

4. IMR stands for

(a) Infant Mortality Rate
(b) Indian Mortality Ratio
(c) International Mortality Ratio
(d) none of these

5. Development criteria include

(a) income
(b) equal treatment
(c) freedom
(d) all of these

6. Full form of SED is

(a) sustainable economic development
(b) simple economic development
(c) sound economic development
(d) none of these

7. Per capita income hides

(a) disparities
(b) average income
(c) total population
(d) none of these

8. Which of the following is the most important component for comparing different countries?

(a) Population
(b) Income
(c) Per capita income
(d) Resources

9. Which is the most common method of measuring economic development?

(a) Profit loss
(b) Income
(c) Sales
(d) Import-export

10. What are the developmental goals of landless rural labourers?

(a) More days of work and better wages
(b) Acquirement of land for self-tilling
(c) More hours of work
(d) Self-reliance

11. What brings about stable income?

(a) Better wages
(b) Work opportunities
(c) Regular work
(d) Decent price for their crops or other products

12. Besides seeking more income, there is something people resent, what is it?

(a) Getting fewer wages for more work
(b) Discrimination
(c) No work (d) Poverty

13. What is the one factor on which our life depends?

(a) Employment
(b) Security of work
(c) Money, or material things that one can buy with it
(d) Freedom

14. If women are engaged in paid work, what difference does it make?

(a) Their dignity in the household and society decreases
(b) No difference
(c) No dignity
(d) Their dignity in the household and society increases

15. Different persons could have ________ notions of a country’s development.

(a) different as well as conflicting
(b) same
(c) indifferent
(d) no



1. (a)

2. (d)

3. (a)

4. (a)

5. (a)

6. (a)

7. (a)

8. (c)

9. (b)

10. (a)

11. (c)

12. (b)

13. (c)

14. (d)

15. (a)


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