General Knowledge – Section 1- History of India | Ancient History – Vedic Age | Part 2

17. Upanishads are books on [UPPCS (Mains) 2004 UPPCS (Pre) 2002]

(A) Religion
(B) Yoga
(C) Law
(D) Philosophy

18. The main theme of Upanishads is [UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 1998]

(A) Social structure
(B) Philosophy
(C) Law
(D) State

19. Which one of the following Vedic literature talks about salvation? [UPPCS (Mains) 2003]

(A) Rig Veda
(B) Later Samhitas
(C) Brahmins
(D) Upanishads

20. The famous dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama is mentioned in the [UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2002 Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2005]

(A) Brihadadranyaka Upanishad
(B) Chhandogyopanishad
(C) Kathopanishad
(D) Kenopanishad

21. ‘Nachiketa’ Legend finds mention in [UPPCS (Mains) 2006]

(A) Atharvaveda
(B) Satapatha Brahmin
(C) Kathopanishad
(D) Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

22. King Asvapati of the Upanishadic period was the ruler of [UPPCS (Pre) 1999]

(A) Kashi
(B) Kekaya
(C) Panchala
(D) Videha

23. Which of the following is the correct order of the Vedic literature? [UPPCS (Mains) 2014]

(A) Vedic Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads
(B) Vedic Samhitas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Brahmanas
(C) Vedic Samhitas, Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Upanishads
(D) Vedic Samhitas, Vedangas, Aranyakas, Smritis

24. The river most mentioned in early Vedic literature is [IAS (Pre) 1996]

(A) Sindhu
(B) Shutudri
(C) Sarasvati
(D) Ganga

25. Vedic river Askini is identified with which one of the following rivers? [UPPSC (GIC) 2010]

(A) Beas
(B) Ravi
(C) Chenab
(D) Jhelum

26. Which of the following rivers mentioned in the Rig Veda indicates the relations of Aryans with Afghanistan? [UPPCS (Pre) 2010]

(A) Askini
(B) Parushni
(C) Kubha, Kramu
(D) Vipasha, Shutudri

27. The Vedic river Kubha was located in [UPPCS (Pre) 1999]

(A) Afghanistan
(B) Chinese Turkistan
(C) Kashmir
(D) Punjab

28. In the period of Mahabharata, the name of Mahanadi was [Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2016]

(A) Kaveri
(B) Tapti
(C) Mahananda
(D) None of the above

29. Which of the following custom emerged during the Tetrad post-Vedic period? [IAS (Pre) 1994]

(A) Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
(B) Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra
(C) Brahmcharya, Grihastha-ashramas, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa
(D) Indra, Surya, Rudra, Maruta

30. Who among the following Vedic deities was believed to be their priest? [UPPCS (Mains) 2013]

(A) Agni
(B) Brihaspati
(C) Dyaus
(D) Indra

31. Who among the following was a Brahmavadini who composed some hymns of the Vedas?[IAS (Pre) 1995]

(A) Lopamudra
(B) Gargi
(C) Leelavati
(D) Savitri

32. During the Rigvedic Period word ‘Nishka’ was used for a Jewellery but in later period it was used for the meaning of [IAS (Pre) 1993]

(A) Arms
(B) Farming equipment
(C) Script
(D) Coin


Answer Sheet:-

17. (D)
18. (B)
19. (D)
20. (C)
21. (C)
22. (B)
23. (A)
24. (A)
25. (C)
26. (C)
27. (A)
28. (D)
29. (C)
30. (B)
31. (A)
32. (D)


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