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The Modern-Day Workforce


Today’s Workforce or Manpower as it is referred to as nowadays, is not limited to the four walls of an office space.  The modern workforce is no longer co-located in an office, in a town, city, region, or country. People now work from anywhere, not just in the office or an office but from any location.

The onset of technology has made this world a smaller place. We see people working from all parts of the world, from the comfort of their homes to a relaxing vacation.  The process of Globalization has picked up miraculous speed with the tools provided by Information Technology.

We see professionals collaborating with one another and delivering successful projects without even meeting up in person. The focus has shifted from old age conference room meetings to effective skype calls. What seemed like a dream 10 years ago has become a normal part of our routines. Our teams are a diverse mosaic of people from different nationalities, ethnicity ,backgrounds, cultures, generations, , etc.

We see people working across different time zones to deliver high-end performance driven solutions in all fields.. More companies pursue an on-demand workforce to scale labor efficiently. Employment of a ‘Flexible Workforce’ not only leads to reduction in costs but also ensures that the quality of end-result is par excellence.

So Whom Does This Workforce Include?

The Modern Day Workforce is a tech-savvy, passionate and easy to go workforce that can be the solution to all your problems in the most cost-efficient manner. It includes employees who pursue flexibility of independent careers. They are mostly young individuals who are extremely good at what they do. It usually includes :

  • Part-time staff
  • Permatemps
  • Consultants
  • Advisors
  • Agencies
  • Interns

This trend is increasing with the growth of contingent workforce and the rise of the freelance economy. Soon half the people involved on projects in organizations are likely to be contingent workers and not just employees.

Tech Savvy – The New Defining Edge

The modern workforce is tech savvy. Most of the data we perceive is either hosted or passed through a cloud.

Information flows in to and fro from all directions, sources and resources. People are constantly creating new content, interacting with each other through the various social media platforms available and connecting through means that were never thought of before, all without any sort of training – simply, by learning as they go.  The modern workforce is adopting social tools because they need better ways to communicate, interact and engage than just using email or the phone.

It means work teams are always connected and potentially available.  They can work from anywhere, anytime.  This facilitates rapid decision making – teams are connected to customers and connected to each other.  24×7 accessibility  to power, internet,  data, apps,people,etc has become a necessity.

The modern workforce is adopting social tools because they need better ways to communicate, interact and engage than just using email or the phone.

The Non-Routine Nature Of Work

Routine work built around routine transactions or production lines has continued to decline, work built around complex interactions has continued to grow.

The modern workforce is not static. Teams and projects flexible. They exist for short periods of time and then disband and move on.

Going forward, anything in work that can be automated, will be. Everything from a simple HR task to the most complicated Computer Code can be automated.  The result of this is that you need new ways for teams to organize their work, accordingly. People need to be able to get on board quickly, be able to access the apps, data and need to get work done quickly and efficiently.  As a result, you need to be thinking of new ways to engage team members who are outside your company.

The emergence of the modern workforce has far reaching consequences for how organizations have to change and adapt.  It is not surprising to learn that so many organizations are struggling with HR systems that are out of date, fragmented, and unable to support the way people are working today.  While the market is ripe with solutions and processes to bring efficiency to both staff and temp workers, neither category is equipped to deal with the complexities surrounding freelancers. There is a need for new systems that can support the modern workforce by transforming the way organizations acquire, engage, manage and develop their people. The time has come for change and that time is now.

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