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Recruit – Complete recruitment process management is one the tool which has many functionalities and it’s easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful. For better client service and quick data search recruiters use this powerful tool that work efficiently, hire faster with the Recruit applicant tracking system.

“High Volume Recruiting: Increased Talent Acquisition with Decreased Required Resources”

Recruit’s compelling continuous sourcing capabilities make the recruiting software portfolio particularly compelling in environments where a high volume of candidates must be managed efficiently, compliantly and at pace with the business to ensure business success. Recruit’s High Volume solution helps organizations find the right talent quickly, economically, and effectively for consistent execution at all points of the enterprise and for a differentiated customer experience. It facilitates making better hiring decisions at distributed points in the organization. Recruit’s high-volume recruiting software also helps organizations align corporate objectives with field-level execution to increase capacity for future and cyclical growth initiatives.

Structured Client Management

Recruit is a highly appreciated tool for recruitment consultancies as it provides simplest approach to manage all your clients data with quick reporting and data analysis for job assigned by each client for different locations,offerings and positions.

The dashboard gives a quick analysis for your everyday task and activities at work. You always have a solid data to analyze when your contract started and what is the status of your job completion and a particular employment.

Easy Resource Management

Recruit makes it easy to manage your manpower’s data in one centralized location. It’s not only to manage resource’s data at one location but to track their everyday activity for the job assigned to each resource separately. Gives secure access to each user based on his role in the organization.

Manage Jobs

Manage your client’s job requirement in most easiest manner,allocate your best desired resource to your valuable clients and give resource a system notification with clients timeline and specific job requirements.

Allocate team under your team leader through system and keep it cost effective by eliminating human issues or too much manager interactions.

Recruiter Dashboard

Recruiter’s user friendly dashboard for recruiters sends specific job details to each resource as assigned by the administrator or the manager. Also recruiters can ewasily search for the existing candidates for the particular job as per the requirement provided by the client.

Recruit’s pre-build search and filter criteria does it for recruiters to find relevant data as per the job requirement.

Candidate Data Record and Search

Quick access to previously searched and entered candidates makes it more productive and efficient for fast bulk hiring for your clients and you are able to provide them best customer service and get more business references.

Recruit makes it more cost effective and fast to produce quality work and reaching your customer satisfaction in a quick time.

Recruiter’s Report

Easy access to all data anytime,quick email option to candidates,check out recruiter wise data,skill wise data,location wise data,salary wise data,company wise data,date range wise data etc. makes it more effective search and mailing tool to your candidates for joining and offers or submissions.

Our expert’s team is constantly working in improving the quality, speed, efficiency and performance  of Recruit to deliver best customer service for our valuable clients and business partners. Recruit can help you lighten your workload and can save lot of time for your recruitment process.

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