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On the system the user are able to register according to its hierarchy, so that a username and password will be provided to the user in order to login to the system. The user database and records are maintained by the system and also you can add, update and delete the records from the system with proper privileges.

Inventory System

The system keeps track of all the inventory of the hospital, which may include various departments such as pharmaceuticals, food and laundry department to name the few. Stock & vendor details are maintained by the system. The invoice, purchase orders, purchase requisitions is generated by the system and detail reports of each transaction will be maintained.

Food Department Automation

The system keeps track of all the activities related to food department. If some patients are kept on the prescribed diets then it will be informed to the department automatically. Also it keeps track of all the other activities related to this department.

Patient Record Maintenance

The system maintains a detail record of each patient who will be admitted to the hospital. The patient case papers will be generated automatically and will be maintained in proper format. Whenever a regular patient will visit hospital his complete diagnosis chart along with case papers will be provided by the system. Also patient will be able to view his information and diagnosis details online by logging on to the system on the internet which will be of great help to patient as well as there family doctors.

Staff Record Maintenance

The system keeps track of the entire staff of the hospital. The details of each and every staff (User) will be maintained online and a username and password will be provided to concern users so that they can log on to the system and perform activities related to there concern department. Also a user with proper access and rights is provided and can add, delete and modify records of the existing users to the system.

Staff Payroll System

The system maintains the entire payroll system of the hospital. The staffs pay slips as well as addition and deduction to their salaries are maintained by the system. The system also keep track of the staff ‘s paid and unpaid leaves.

Emergency Services

There are some emergency services related to the hospital such as ambulance and organ donation, blood donation, etc. The system keeps track of all these activities online and will prepare detail reports of these activities.

In- house Mailing System

This is a special feature provided by the system. Since the system is browser based it makes it that much simpler to keep track of different entities online. A special mail server, which will be dedicated to the system, will be maintained on through which the total mailing system will work. The mailing system will help doctors and other users to communicate each other online as well as keep track of there busy schedule. They can also call online meetings and will be able to chat online with each other through there own identity.

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