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Baffled with the complexities of selecting quality candidates for your institute’s position? Seeking smart recruitment? The answer to the entire dilemma is what Recruitment Management System is all about. A categorized work up to the selection of quality matched individuals suiting the company needs.

What exactly is recruitment then? According to its definition, the entire process of attracting of a candidate to the company’s portal to his selection is grouped under this word ‘recruitment’. Now since the entire process entails such a collaborative approach to the fulfillment of successful employee recruitment, this has become a well-defined section in the industry; efficient recruitment & its management. This holistic profile of enterprise comprise of certain quality steps, namely

  1. Analysis- where the qualifications, skills, knowledge and personal agenda needed for a particular job are analyzed.
  2. Sourcing- this is the step where strategies to acquire or identify candidates are put in place. This step is incentivized into candidate tracking.
  3. Screening- this is the phase where CVs or resume comes into action. The HR experts of the company filters down to the resume of the shortlisted candidates. Also called resume tracking.
  4. Selection- a step where any aspiring candidate wishes to be, at the interview. This is where the candidate surpasses the screening procedures and is called for an interview.


As Steve Jobs aptly quoted, “You need to have a collaborative hiring process”, the recruitment management software (RMS) does this to the hilt. With that said RMS is what is being boldly accepted in companies internationally, a HR Recruitment Software. With that in mind, an add-on to its features is electronic access. An online recruitment system is a simple terminology for all the steps of recruiting a candidate in for a company’s available slot.  It offers the attributes of efficiency, simplicity and yet high effectiveness. Online recruitment system is multi-component software that is designed with the primary purpose of acquiring, screening and selecting a candidate in accordance with the client’s parameters. With the advent of e-age and the insurgent need for smart recruitment, the introduction of HR Recruitment Software has aided companies and enterprises like never before and its efficacy is a testament to the current glory it shares over a multitude of arenas. Unlike regular recruiting by recruitment companies that charge exorbitant fees, the e-recruitment software is an affordable option to the any company whether a start-up or a highly established empire.  In the developed countries, the application is not just limited to commercial sectors but has found its ground in university based application too.

There are certain features to what make e-recruitment software stand apart from its wonted predecessors. They are:


  • A user-friendly admin interface
  • Online application software
  • Analytics to assess and rank applicants
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Resume Management
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Collaborative Recruitment
  • Integration with the organization’s HRM and HCM systems
  • Employer centric CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Other different forms of approach to recruitment are also available like social media recruitment, in house recruitment, recruitment agencies but they rely emphatically on the stronghold of an effective HR Recruitment Software.

Personally, the development of such a cool and smart approach to the recruitment domain has been and will remain an invention of many sorts and uses. It minimizes effort but maximizes effect. The trademarks of an excellent aid are justly met by the Recruitment Management Software (RMS). Get one for your company to maximize your recruiting potential!

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